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In Today's 'Always On' World, Your Network Uptime Is Essential

Access and availability to your network infrastructure is critical. Even a small outage can cost you a lot of money in downtime and repair. Comprehensive cover goes beyond monitoring your network to having resources in place to respond quickly to any issues or problems. SMaRT stands ready to design, install, repair, monitor and provide ongoing network maintenance services.
SMaRT provides Chicago companies the best with network server and operating systems support and service.

Servers and Operating Systems Services

Today's server technology is at the heart of your business information technology environment. Protecting your data, ensuring your end users can access their information, and running mission-critical applications at lightning speed is essential if you wish to be competitive. SMaRT provides end-to-end services for all your Server and Operating System needs. With SMaRT as your technology partner, you can expect installation and maintenance services that are cost-effective and designed to remove the complexity from getting your new technology up and running quickly and correctly.

Network maintenance distracts from what produces revenue. Let SMaRT do what we do best by keeping your network online.

Network Infrastructures

Like most of SMaRT's clients, IT or network infrastructure is not your core business. Trying to resolve all of your IT problems internally can become a huge distraction. This situation may result in other aspects of your business suffering. Network infrastructure challenges can be costly in terms of downtime, repair, and lost business. This is time and money you simply cannot afford to waste.

Network security is a crucial issue to keeping your business online and your data secure. Let the security experts at SMaRT keep your network safe.

Security Services

If your network is not correctly configured, your business and customers who access your network could be vulnerable to hackers, identity thieves and even greater threats. That's horrible news for your business, not to mention your customers. In addition, you could suffer legal penalties for a security breach. Learn how SMaRT can help you can prevent these threats today.

Ensure your network is backed up and that you have a disaster recovery solution in place with the help of SMaRT Technology.

Back-Up & Disaster Recovery Solutions

A recent study discovered that, of companies experiencing a major loss of computer records, 43 percent never reopened, 51 percent closed within two years of the loss, and a mere 6 percent survived over the long-term. For any business, but especially small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) these statistics support the need of designing a Back-Up and Disaster Recovery strategy grounded in a strong data backup and recovery solution.

Chicago businesses get the best IT support with SMaRT's remote monitoring and managed IT services.

Remote Monitoring/Managed Services

Gartner informs us that companies are using managed service providers primarily to “gain better support, address lack of internal staff and skills, and minimize capital expenditures”. That's exactly what you can expect by choosing SMaRT Technology Services. We apply a comprehensive approach using a remote administration model to help our clients maximize their infrastructure performance at lower costs.

Email and collaboration systems keep your business running when provided by SMaRT Technology.

Email & Collaboration Tools

Email is critical and must be stable. Collaboration systems allow your workers to be more productive. SMaRT can help you choose, install, migrate, and maintain these business productivity solutions. We support Microsoft Exchange, Google Mail, Email Security, and Firewall Solutions.


SMaRT Is Your Right Choice

Can you benefit from SMaRT's Network Expertise? If you are experiencing any of the following common challenges, then SMaRT is the right choice to help you address your network needs like the following:

  • Install or upgrade new software, hardware, or applications on your network
  • Have frequent virus attacks that spread rapidly without warning
  • Worry constantly about the safety and security of vital information
  • Have frequent malware attacks that threaten the security of your business
  • Need to transfer confidential information throughout your company safely
  • Have outdated hardware that regularly needs updating or replacing
  • Spend more time fixing network systems and hardware than using it for business tasks

Call Now For A Custom, In-Budget Network Solution For Your Business

SMaRT offers a plethora of network services. We are committed to customizing the network service solution that best fits your needs and your budget.

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