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Technology changes fast. When the time comes to purchase new hardware or replacement parts, the process can be time consuming and complex. Technology is our business. When your hardware fails, let our warranty repair work get you back up and running quickly. If you need to purchase IT equipment, SMaRT can apply our IT knowledge and expertise to assist you in specifying your requirements and making purchases based on your needs, technology environment, and budget.
Your Source for Repair Computer Parts

Your Source for Repair Computer Parts

Have you ever had a computer down because you need that one hard-to-find replacement computer part? If you have ever spent time online or on the phone desperately seeking one elusive computer part in an effort to get a few more years out of a computer, you know just how time consuming and frustrating it can be. Here at SMaRT, we have sources for finding warranty placement computer parts and those elusive obsolete components that can get you back up and running fast.

Expert System Repair Services

Expert System Repair Services

SMaRT quick repairs ensure your computer systems are running smoothly so you can get back to making money. Call us to get instant remote software repair services, backed up by on site computer hardware repair performed by expert computer engineers. Our experts can get you back up and running in no time flat.

SMaRT Knows Hardware and Software

SMaRT Knows Hardware and Software

When you need to purchase technology, including computer hardware, software and mobile devices, it is oftentimes due to a triggering event. Your network server fails, your printer stops printing, or your PCs no longer work for you. When that happens, who do you turn to for assurance that you are buying the right equipment? Who can tell you if the equipment you are purchasing will work with your network and other hardware? Or that it is sufficient for your future needs?

If you are seeking a trusted advisor to ensure you are making the right purchasing decisions, contact SMaRT today. With our consultants’ expertise, you will make sure that your hardware choices will work for you. You won't have to worry that your new hardware won't work properly within your network or that the new equipment won't work with the old equipment.

Make the SMaRT Choice – Get Staging Support Now

Make the SMaRT Choice – Get Staging Support Now

Choose SMaRT and choose the decades of experience staging services. Join the growing family of long term clients who are happy they made the SMaRT choice for their IT needs. Call 312-612-8200 today to discover the SMaRT triple-win for yourself: High quality IT services, on-target pricing and a great downtown Chicago location.

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